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Well I'm going to start..

There are three members..three people can have nice discussions.

I'd like to know who your favorite character in American Beauty is-and why?

Mine is Carolyn. Annette Benning is a marvelous actress in anything she does. She could read me the script to Glitter and it would be interesting. (Tee hee). The character though is what astounds me the most. A woman that can be so unhappy that she makes herself honestly believe that everything is all right and is so stuck on perfection that she abuses herself because she thinks she's weak. I could go on and on...

I also love Ricky's mother played by Allison Janney (Sp?). Great character work in that movie.

So? What do you two think?
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I would agree that Annette Bening is extremely captivating in the movie. The parts which strike me the most are when she fails to make a sale on the house, breaks down into tears, and then starts slapping herself. Emotional stuff. Also at the very end; the way she cries, infact sobs when she returns to the house and finds Lester is so convincing that it makes my skin crawl.

My favourite character though would have to be Angela. I think everyone can relate to her in some way, because the majority of us know someone EXACTLY like her. She is unbelievably pretentious, but not to the point that we begin to hate her. As the film progresses we see her barriers slowly start to break down and at the end of it all, we know exactly where she's coming from. I admire both the writers and Mena Suvari for portraying Angela as a likable yet irritating, slutty yet innocent, unique and yet common teenage girl.
Mine was Jane. Thora Birch is SO amazing, and she just made that role so real. I identify with her sooooo well. Jane is just that teenager who knows that there is something more, and that's me, too. So, mine is for Jane.
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Great community! One which is not entirely dead i hope...
My favourite is Lester Burnham :)
Because of his witty comebacks and sarcasm. Especially: "Mine: Pontiac Firebird. The car i've always wanted; and now i have it! I rule!" :P
He is totally down to earth and in reality. He doesn't sugarcoat anything and the way he never truly sorts himself out or thinks life is beautiful (even though he says he is happy, he wouldn't be over the moon obviously) until he dies... just like a lot of people in real life...