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Favourite movies from the American Beauty cast?

Last night I had the pleasure of watching "Swimming With Sharks", in which Kevin Spacey stars as boss from hell Buddy Ackerman, studio vice president of Keystone Films.

When film school graduate Guy (Frank Whaley) is hired as his assistant, he soon realises he must endure public humiliation, putting up with his new employer's unreasonable demands and simply sitting back as the "professional" executive charms the pants off every would-be actress who passes his office doors. On top of this, Guy has some respectable ideas, but after Ackerman claims a particularly engrossing script Guy has written as his own, the weedy assistant decides it's time for revenge...

Kevin Spacey never fails to pull off the bad guy in films, and my personal favourite (other than Beauty of course), has to be Se7en. Spacey glitters in the all star cast and produces one of his most chilling performances. I can watch this film time and time again and Spacey still produces eerie vibes!

Of any actor or actress in American Beauty, which is your favourite film of theirs, based on performance, character, or just the fantastic storyline?
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i loved kevin spacey in United States of Leland, Mena Suvari when she guest starred in the HBO show Six Feet Under, and thora Birch in Ghost World. =)
Swimming With Sharks is a great Spacey movie. And just as quotable as American Beauty! If I'm ever having a bad day at work I think of Buddy Ackerman and suddenly its not so bad :P I can never look at a packet of Sweet 'n' Low in the same way after viewing this movie!

I love American Beauty because of both Spacey's character (Lester and his insights) and the performance. The Usual Suspects I love for its great storyline and a great performance from everyone in the cast. And for a completley different performance from Spacey is gotta be Beyond The Sea.