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Favorite Character, introduction

Hello all, my name is Tom. I am from Boston and will be attending Sarah Lawrence College next year to study film. American Beauty is definitely my second favorite movie ever, behind The Cider House Rules. Thank you all for letting me join this community!

My favorite character in American Beauty has to be Colonel Frank Fitts, followed closely by Buddy Kane. Col. Fitts is the best because he is so good at representing a overly patriotic right-wing military figure. He also adds a lot to the story, because without him, Ricky wouldn't be in the story and that whole dimension would be lost and then the movie would be nothing but a piece about a dysfunctional suburban family. The character is also ruthless, yet very sensitive. There is also a touch of humor provided, especially in reference to the two Jims, "You said you two were partners. What business are you in?"

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